The Latium Project, Get Paid LatiumX Crypto Tokens by Completing Tasks Online or in Person

In the Beginning, there was Bitcoin!¬†Bitcoin starting price was just $0.008, and now Bitcoin has risen to over $8,000USD per BTC. LatiumX, the new cryptocurrency endorsed by none other than the illustrious John McAfee is starting out at just 1ETH for 2,100 LatiumX tokens. As of this moment(November 22, 2017) Ethereum is selling for $383USD. During the whitelist sale for LatiumX, you can purchase LatiumX tokens for as little as 0.1 ETH. You might want to go ahead and do that RIGHT NOW, because this flash sale will be OVER very soon! The whitelist flash sale will end on November 28th, when the general sale will begin. Get your LatiumX tokens at and may the Force be wit’choo!

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