Skin Abnormalities Vanish In 10 Days With Virtually No Mark, Left Behind!

Guaranteed To Remove Skin Abnormalities With PDQ Skin Cream
P.D.Q. Herbal Skin Cream Is Safe And It Works! Thousands Have Already Used P.D.Q. With Success


Only Apply Once Per Day For 2 Days, Results Seen in Less Than 24 Hours!
Our Claim: P.D.Q. Herbal Skin Cream is SAFE! It is a topical herbal lubricant that softens tissue. P.D.Q. will not harm normal tissue. Only abnormal tissue is affected by the softening, allowing the body’s immune system to attack, destroy and remove the dangerous lesions. No other product which we are aware of can claim either this degree of safety or effectiveness.
Guaranteed! Yes, 100% full satisfaction or your money back. We are careful not to claim a “cure” (and we don’t use the word “cancer” to describe our product in any way.) We want to abide by the rules and regulations of the F.D.A., thus we sell P.D.Q. as a topical cosmetic only.
Where to Use P.D.Q.?
The Skin Cancer Foundation says warning signs include “an open sore, a reddish patch, a shiny bump, a pink growth or a “scar- like area.” We suggest putting P.D.Q. on anything that concerns you. It is SAFE to apply on normal skin – no worries with P.D.Q. Don’t wonder or worry about it, put your body’s immune system to work on it!
Results: With only two doses (one drop today, and another drop 24 hours later), results will be seen as a red bump or a white blister if there is abnormal or dangerous tissue present before application. Scabbing will occur in another 2 to 3 days, and the scab will come off leaving little or no scarring in another 7 to 10 days. If there are no bad cells present when P.D.Q. is applied there will be no reaction. Look at the pictures below:
Skin cancer, is the most common form of cancer and typically affects parts of the body exposed to the sun. However, it can also affect unexposed areas such as nail beds or the bottom of the feet. Most patients diagnosed with skin cancer have a non-melanoma form, which rarely spreads. The rare form is melanoma and is more likely to invade other parts of the body.
Typical costs: For patients covered by health insurance, out-of-pocket costs for skin cancer treatment typically consist of doctor visits, lab and prescription drug copays as well as coinsurance of 10%-50% for surgery and other procedures, which can easily reach the yearly out-of-pocket maximum.
The cost of treatment varies, depending on the size, type, depth and location of the lesions, and, importantly, the stage in which it was detected. One study published in the Archives of Dermatology found average treatment costs for skin cancers to range from $1,732 for stage 1 of the disease to $56,059 for stage 4 diseases.
Treatment may include a scraping followed by electrosurgery.
A cost comparison published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found scraping and electrosurgery to be the least expensive option, with an average cost of $471 for the procedures to be performed on a section of the cheek, and $392 for the procedures to be performed on a section of the arm. The study found the average cost of Mohs, micrographic surgery, on the same parts of the body to be $1,263 (cheek) and $1,131 (arm). Meanwhile, excision in an ambulatory surgery center results was found to have an average cost of $2,334 (cheek) and $2,200 (arm). The study noted that when the excision was performed in a hospital operating room, the procedure was even more expensive, at $3,085 and $2,680, respectively.
Easily avoid the suffering and cost of surgery by removing your skin abnormalities with PDQ Skin Cream.


Before-nothing visible 2nd day – blisters 5th day -scabbing 10th day – all gone!
P.D.Q. Herbal Skin Cream is only $90.00. The bottle contains enough cream to use on 20 or more Lesions (More than 40 doses!) With a shelf life of at least four years, P.D.Q. may save you hundreds (or even thousands) on medical bills. It may save you multiple visits to the doctor, almost completely reduce the risk of scarring, and may eliminate recurrences.
Thanking you in advance for your order!
God’s Creation is perfect and full of all the remedies man could ever need. P.D.Q. Herbal Skin Cream is a SAFE cosmetic topical cream made from a proprietary patent-pending blend of God’s natural herbs with no man-made chemicals added. Thousands have used it to rid themselves of problem skin lesions, strange moles or sores that won’t heal. As you know, many of these skin concerns can be dangerous and even deadly. Don’t wait – act now!
This is The Picture “THEY” Don’t Want You to See!
This Picture Shows That a Skin Lesion Is Sometimes Not Just a Single Spot!
This picture was taken two days after application of P.D.Q. Herbal Skin Cream to one small inconspicuous mole at the site that had recently grown in size. You can clearly see that many small lesions were present and were affected. See how normal cells are not affected? Doctors have no tools to see the “baby” lesions that may surround the area of a lesion. Without this information, how could a doctor truly “Get it all?” With P.D.Q. the entire area can be treated. (In only ten days, the area of the skin shown above was completely back to normal.)
Okay, you’ve got a sore or funny-looking mole or growth that makes you say “What should I do?” Or, maybe your doctor has diagnosed the lesion as skin cancer (basal cell, squamous cell, melanoma, actinic keratosis). While no claims are made by the distributor, a dose of P.D.Q. Herbal Skin Cream may be effective in aiding the body’s immune system to dissolve the skin lesion as it has for thousands of users, for me and members of my family (considerably more than 10,000 lesions overall, with NO FAILURES!).

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